By Jessica pride
Published on
March 6, 2016
Last Updated
April 5, 2024

Dental Assistant Charged with Oral Copulation and Sexual Battery

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I've met and worked with hundreds of women who have been sexually assaulted and abused. I've heard stories of workplace harassment, harassment in public, and many of the women I often represent think it is their fault. They feel that because they drank a little too much and may have been "incapacitated" and so they are partly to blame. It is never their fault.

The accused is a calculated predator, and I'm looking forward to holding Luis Ramos responsible for assaulting women while they were under anesthesia, or as the law says "medically incapacitated."


A $2 million bail has been set against the 36-year old from El Cajon, for abhorrent actions. To go to the dentist and wake up realizing (or later realizing) you had been sexually assaulted by an unsupervised staff member during a medical procedure is unconscionable.

There are now 12 known incidents from women who have come forward to tell their story. I'm currently representing a woman who came forward and told me about her assault, and if you have also, the police urge you to come forward, and I encourage the same.

If you have not seen the local news, here is a video report, featuring San Diego Police Captain Brian Ahearn. Ramos was facing two counts of Oral Copulation by means of anesthetic, and two counts of sexual battery of a medically incapacitated person. He is now facing 31 felony and misdemeanor counts, including sexual penetration and sexual battery.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse and would like to speak with me about what happened, you can contact me at no cost, and our conversation is 100% confidential.

Video transcript for those without audio and the hearing impaired:

Tonight we are hearing from a patient who had a dental procedure involving an assistant who is now accused of assaulting a teenage girl under anesthesia, and now they are wondering if there are more victims out there. Fox 5 Jason Sloss is live downtown right now with more on this case.

Jason: this dental assistant behind bars with bail at 2 million dollars and police are tight-lipped about many of the details, including whether or not the victim had had previous contact with the suspect.

Investigators say a 17 year old girl reported she was sexually assaulted at Park Boulevard Oral Surgery in University Heights late last month. The suspect, 36 year old, dental assistant Luis Ramos. Patients identified Ramos from photos taken from the company's Facebook page.

Captain Brian Ahearn: The victim was there for a dental procedure. Was there for some anesthesia. And when she was awakening from that procedure is when the conduct occurred.

Jason: Police arrest Ramos Wednesday in El Cajon. He's facing two counts of Oral Copulation by means of anesthetic, and two counts of sexual battery of a medically incapacitated person. Police are not discussing any type of physical evidence they found. Workers at the surgical center, where Ramos had been since September 2013. We're not really going to be releasing any statements at this moment.

But some patients talked saying they upset and worried.

Patient: They should have these people really back ground checked, you know, because this really scares me now. Maricela Juarez says she has had two procedures at this office, one involving Ramos. What happened to me when I was put out, while I was having my wisdom teeth taken out twice, so it has me wondering. I know the second time he was my assistant but the first time he was not it was a girl, a female. - it was a girl.

Jason: And police are urging anyone to come forward if they feel they were victimized. Ramos is expected to appear in court tomorrow.

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