By Jessica pride
February 25, 2022

Dr. Ranganath Pathak Charged With Sexual Misconduct

Doctor Sexual Misconduct

Doctors do not have the right to violate your body under the guise of medical treatment.

The Pride Law Firm is representing a victim in a case against Dr. Ranganath Pathak, who has been charged with sexual misconduct against female patients, as well as other acts of gross negligence and unprofessionalism. While respecting the privacy and identity of the patients, the specific acts are detailed below.Dr. Pathak is currently under police investigation, and we encourage anyone with relevant information to call Detective Alana Grove at the Roseville Police Department to report it.

Dr. Pathak has also been charged with five separate disciplinary offenses, and is the subject of a petition to The Medical Board of California to have his license revoked.

The trust between a patient and their doctor is a matter of life-and-death importance. It’s for this reason that physicians, surgeons, and nurses are held to a high standard of ethical conduct, and why doctor sexual assault is so reprehensible.

If you have been inappropriately touched, spoken to, or mistreated by a physician, including Dr. Pathak, contact The Pride Law Firm at 619-516-8166. We are here to discuss your legal options in holding abusive and/or negligent medical personnel accountable.

*Trigger warning: The information below contains descriptions of inappropriate acts.

An empty doctor’s exam room waits for the next patient with a table covered in sanitary paper, yellow wood cabinets, and a sink with soap dispenser.

What Is Dr. Ranganath Pathak Being Accused of?

The accusations against Dr. Pathak come from patients designated with A, B, and C to protect their privacy. Keep in mind that Dr. Pathak is a colorectal surgeon, practicing with a medical group that solely treats colorectal conditions. His alleged inappropriate actions include:

  • Vaginal Penetration of Patient A: Performing a vaginal exam without consent, medical reason, or a chaperone present. He also gave Patient A inappropriate advice that she purchase and use a specific kind of sex toy, and report back to him on how many orgasms she could achieve.
  • Breast Fondling of Patient B: Asking to see Patient B’s breasts during a post-exam discussion without a chaperone, and ripping her blouse to access her breasts. He then is accused of repeatedly “squeezing, cupping, and touching her nipples” despite the premise that he was searching for lumps within the breast tissue. He then commented his opinion on the weight and size of her breasts.
  • Performing a Non-Consensual Procedure of Patient C: Performing a rubber band ligation (RBL) without explaining the painful nature of the procedure, nor the risks and potential outcomes. By failing to obtain informed consent from Patient C, he caused her confusion, distress, and the physical panic symptoms of hyperventilating and breaking out in a cold sweat after the procedure.

These complaints have been submitted to The Medical Board of California for disciplinary review. They are also grounds for personal lawsuits against Dr. Pathak and possibly his medical group if the patients choose to file.

Informed consent is a principle in medical ethics and law that says a patient should have adequate knowledge before making decisions on whether to receive or refuse healthcare.

What Is Dr. Ranganath Pathak Being Charged for?

The causes for discipline and the possible delicensing of Dr. Pathak are as follows:

  • Sexual Misconduct against two patients (A and B) for vaginal and breast contact
  • Gross Negligence for performing acts without consent, medical reason, or chaperone
  • Repeated Negligent Acts for failing to have a chaperone during exams and procedures, as well as failing to secure informed consent from patients
  • Inadequate and Inaccurate Record-Keeping for failing to note who chaperoned on particular days, and which numbing drugs like lidocaine were used on patients and in what quantity
  • Unprofessional Conduct for breaches of the rules and ethical code of the medical profession

The accusations against Dr. Pathak include uncalled-for acts of violation, and negligent inactions regarding appropriate record-keeping. If judged to be true, these charges could result in revoking his medical license, criminal prosecution, and civil actions against Dr. Pathak for personal injury and anguish caused to his patients.

If you wish to bring a lawsuit against Dr. Pathak, join other patients by contacting The Pride Law Firm at 619-516-8166 for representation.

Where Is Dr. Pathak Employed?

Dr. Ranganath Pathak has been a practicing physician and surgeon at the Sacramento Colon and Rectal Surgery Medical Group.

Why Come Forward About Doctor Sexual Misconduct?

Your decision to take legal action today could help restore your sense of power and save others from mistreatment. Along with a financial settlement or reward to compensate your injuries, losses, and suffering, by filing a lawsuit, you could change practices and standards that help to prevent what happened to you from happening to others.

Misconduct and violations of a sexual nature are unacceptable everywhere, especially in what should be the safe space of a doctor’s office. Patients walk in prepared to be fully honest, vulnerable, and examined, and doctors are expected to be trustworthy, professional, and methodical. A breach of this social contract when patients may be scared, drugged, or weakened by illness, is appalling.

Reach out to The Pride Law Firm online or by calling 619-516-8166 for a free, confidential consultation with no obligation. We have a Survivor Advocate on staff to greet you with the sensitivity and understanding you deserve, and attorneys ready to help assert your rights under the law. By pursuing a case, you’re on the path to take back control of the situation, expose negligence, hold responsible parties accountable, and move forward in your healing journey.

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