By Jessica pride
July 31, 2019

'What Were You Wearing' Display Comes to San Diego

‘What Were You Wearing’ Display Comes to San Diego
(Last Updated On: April 9, 2020)

Please be advised: this page contains words and images of a graphic nature that may be upsetting or triggering for some.

The Pride Law Firm is passionate about destructing the false beliefs surrounding sexual assault. One of those faulty, yet popular ideas is that a victim “asks for” the attack by dressing provocatively. An art installation known as “What Were You Wearing” delivers a powerful response to this myth by showcasing a collection of the casual, everyday clothing that victims were wearing at the time of their assaults.

The “What Were You Wearing” exhibit came to San Diego last weekend, where thousands of legal professionals gathered at the San Diego Convention Center for the annual American Association for Justice conference. A few of our own clients were represented in the installation.

Pictures from the event are below.

Images of two displays at the exhibition. Each one tells the unique story of a sexual assault survivor.

A USA leotard hangs next to the story of Marcia Frederick Blanchette, an American Olympic gold medalist.

This typical summer outfit is accompanied by a story submitted by an anonymous survivor.

“We’re hoping people can see that this narrative they’re fed — that someone’s clothing causes sexual violence — is false.”

– Jen Brockman, co-creator of the What Were You Wearing exhibit

The “What Were You Wearing” exhibit was originally inspired by this poem written by Mary Simmerling.

The testimony of a late male survivor who took his own life at 17 hangs next to a young boy’s outfit.

Disturbing words are captured next to a Christmas themed pajama set.

This graphic display with stage blood added on a little girl’s dress for effect shows the atrocity of sexual assault.

Children’s outfits make up about half of the representations for the exhibit.

A moving experience for anyone who attends, the clothing exhibit was founded in 2013 and has already been shown on campuses, at conferences and conventions around the world.

If you have been sexually assaulted and are suffering through the anguish of self-blame, we are here to tell you: it’s not your fault. It had nothing to do with what you were wearing, no matter what anyone has said to you.

Jessica Pride and The Pride Law Firm are committed to changing the conversation around sexual assault by addressing lies like this. We exist to help survivors heal, regain their peace and empower themselves with justice through civil courts. If you or someone you love wants to know more about your options after being sexually assaulted, please reach out to our caring staff for a free, 100% private legal consultation today. Contact us by using this webform, or call us at ​619-516-8166.

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